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PGI-250PGBK Black Ink Tank
PG-245 XL Black Ink Cartridge

PG-240 Black Ink Cartridge
CL-246 XL Color Ink Cartridge
BCI-3e Black Ink Tank
BCI-6 Magenta Ink Tank
BCI-6 Yellow Ink Tank

CL-211 Color Ink Tank
CL-241 Color Ink Cartridge

BCI-6 Cyan Ink Tank

Above are a few Canon inks available at our store, note that our inks in stock are not limited to the amount above. Contact us for inquiry on whether we have your ink cartridge or for further specification on whatever complexity you may have concerning cartridge type, model, brand etc. We will be sure to assist in any way possible to ensure you have the proper cartridge for the appropriate printer.

Canon Toner 


Cartridge 125
Cartridge 128 Black
Cartridge 105

GPR-6 Toner

GPR-18 Toner

NPG-11 Toner

Cartridge 131 Black H (High Capacity)
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