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Entertainment Software:

Computers aren't just about handling data, saving, deleting ,copy and Pasting and those other boring and nerdy stuff its more than just that. Here we have the best software for media in the business. These software were meant to entertain, with these software you can easily manage photos, movies, music, basically everything you love. They are designed to make doing what you love simple.

Adobe Acrobat DC

VLC Media Player
Cyberlink PowerDVD
Epub Reader
  • For you book lovers out there, this is an easy to use document-ebook reader.
  • Add custom bookmarks
  • highlight
  • powerful conversion to pdf tool
  • Turn any document — paper or digital — into a PDF form. Then fill, sign, and send it.
  • For the apple user - This software manages everything from your PC to your apple device
  • Transfer Music, Photos, Apps and Video
  • Download apps directly through the Itunes rather than the device
  • Sync Files from computer to apple device
  • Backup your device through Itunes.
  •  This player allows you to watch any video with high quality performance.
  • powerful sound system.
  • Capability to read just about any video format 
  • Install translation .srt files for dubbed and subbed video for the sake of understanding a movie.
  •  Powerful and unique movie, music and photo features.
  • Cinema based system -makes home feel like a theater
  • Maximize the potential of your 4K and HDR TVs!
  •  unique audio-visual enhancements with TrueTheater
  •  This software allows for reading of that unique book format .EPUB
  • Features that are very friendly and allows you to keep track of your reading
  • Can support various other types of book formats.
  • Built in converter.
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