Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  1. We do not offer refunds on products, store credits only
  2. If a product is faulty, we will replace it proving we have it in stock or there may be a delay until the new stock arrives.
  3. We accept checks, cash, credit cards, store credits, western union, and our own gift cards as legal tender
  4. you must be at least 16 years old to engage in purchasing any products or services or be with an adult


  1. Each product will follow the limit warranties provided by the manufacturer
  2. We are not responsible for any freight, shipping and duties arising from fault products.  
  3. We will accept returns  and issue store credit providing the product was returned in the same condition
  4. if the issue is relating to a service, we will fix again at no additional cost as long as it is the same problem
  5. Customer is expected to sign up for with the manufacturer in order to receive warranty information
  6. While we can return back the products, the customer is responsible for any and all charges arising from the transaction
  7. if a warranty is voided by the manufacturer due to the customer's negligence, we will not take any responsibility 

Bounced Checks

  1. Customer is responsible for any and all bank fees for dishonored checks and the balance will include the fees payable in cash
  2. If bounce checks are not paid in 10 days after the customer has been notified, the customer information will be turned over the police and legal action will be taken

Shipping and receiving

  1. We will ship your products via faster courier service or courier service you recommend to us.
  2. We will not cover any courier fees
  3. when we receive your products and they come in a faulty condition we will notify you
  4. we need to be notified if our products were delivered in a faulty condition so that we can charge the courier service.

Legal Action

  1. We reserve the right to take anyone to court base a number of reasons, especially defamation of character on  Social Media
  2. Other reasons will include failure to pay, theft, hacking, sale of company property, false advertising using our name
  3. in and all fees by the court or lawyer will be the sole responsibility of the defendant
  4. Can be taken against anyone who tries to solicit any of our employees to do work outside the umbrella of our company

Illegal workmanship and voided warranties

  1. Under no circumstances, none of our employees can work directly for any of our customers 
  2. No customer should not try to solicit any of our employees to work for them in order to save money
  3. Any and all warranties will be voided if any such transaction takes place and no refunds will be given


  1. Vendors must provide accurate information about their company or location
  2. Vendors cannot engage directly with customers outside of https://apcs.bz to modify business arrangments done outside of sale done on our site. 
  3. If any vendor attempts to modify sales or payments outside of https://apcs.bz, a fine of $1,000 will be charged and the vendor will be blocked for 7 days on the first instance. The second instance will have a fine of $5,000 and the vendor will be blocked for 30 days. On the third instance, the vendor will be banned completely and a fine of $10,000 will be required to re-instate the account
  4. All products the vendor adds must be completely accurate with images to shows the exact details and condition of the item. No details should be left for interpretation. A full description of the product, includes the make, model, manufacturer, condition {new, open-box, refurbished, used, grade, and warranty. if the product is new, the vendor must provide a warranty for a minimum of 7-30 days. Thereafter, the customer must know that the manufacture's warranty will take effect.
  5. If the product is not in stock, then the vendor must specify that in the description and give the customer a specific time frame of delivery. The time frame must not be changed unless there is a situation beyond the vendor's control and which time the vendor must notify the customer of the change in the delivery time schedule.
  6. A vendor has the right to add a restocking fee, but that must be part of the return policy of the vendor. The consumer must read this clearly as part of the description of the product. This cannot be added later.
  7. faulty products are not the customer's fault and therefore the vendor must take full responsibility even if that means the faulty product must be shipped back to the supplier and or exchange must be given to the customer of equal value and description. if a product of lesser value is given and the customer accepts, then the vendor must give back the balance in value back to the customer.
  8. All communication regarding the sales of the products must be on https://apcs.bz. Vendors cannot contact customers outside the mainframe of our website. The communication platform provided must be used. Trying to contact customers directly is strictly prohibited.
  9. vendors will receive payments on a weekly basis less,  8.25 % commission, taxes will be added to each product. The customer is responsible for paying the taxes and A+ Computer Solutions will report the taxes to Belize Tax Service. in addition, 1.75 percent will be withheld for the income tax department.