Privacy Policy


  1. A customer must use the portal for purposes of purchasing or viewing products only
  2. A customer must not try to login to another person's account or try to hack or find sensitive information to disseminate 
  3. If a customer is deemed to be high risk, the account will be blocked and the customer will be permanently blocked from opening or recreating an account.
  4. A customer must not try to share any kind of degrading information on social media. The customer must follow protocol and chain of command to resolve any and all issues.


  1. Vendors must not use any customer's information for personal use or gain. Information such as name, address, phone, email, place of work, balances, or any other information.
  2. A customer must not feel like he/she is being harassed by a vendor or any employee who works for the vendor.
  3. A vendor cannot solicit a customer outside the communication channels set up by A+ Computer Solutions.
  4. If a vendor must work on a device for a customer, the information on the device is private and must not be copied, used, or shared. If a vendor violates customer privacy, the vendor has violated the constitution and the customer has all rights to press charges and sues the vendor. If the employee is not fired and the vendor does not pay for damages, the vendor will be blocked from selling on the portal.
  5. Vendors must have strict confidentiality rules in place and make sure they are adhered to. A vendor must not discuss within or without the organization any details about a customer to anyone, except for purposes of sales, repairs, and returns.